100% Made in New Zealand
UMSIKO is a fashion studio specialising in pattern making, samples and production.
Established in 2015 by Iona Woolgrove, we can call some of New Zealand's best fashion designers our clients, and friends.
We welcome new inquiries and look forward to helping you with your vision and passion to succeed.
Fashion design is a tough business, we make no bones about that, but with our help and experience, we'll do everything we can to help you on your journey.
The team has decades of combined experience in the fashion business.
Our matriarch, Iona, has taught fashion at University, and is a specialist in several types of apparel.
If you choose to work with us you're in great hands.
Iona Woolgrove
4 Angus Avenue
New Zealand
027 2958906
A pattern is a blue-print of your design which when sewn together becomes a three-dimensional garment. The pattern can begin life by draping with cotton fabric on a mannequin, or by drafting flat-pattern pieces together on our pattern-design table. The patterns are cut from manila paper, hole-punched and stored securely on a hook for later use. The pattern is checked for accuracy by our fastidious production manager and cut from sample fabrics and fit-tested. Once approved, a small batch of selling samples is made. Your style is presented to buyers for wider distribution in wholesale markets and with our keen eye for sales' potential, it is graded for sizes.
During the sample making process, our sample makers take an existing pattern and stich it together. This is when the construction of the garment is examined, and problems eliminated. We do this to ensure the production run with industrial machines runs seamlessly. This is a collaborative process, and we have a yarn (no pun intended) about what works and what doesn't. For example, the sample maker is always in close contact with the pattern maker during this phase to iron out any problems. One of the biggest challenges during this process is finding the right fabric, and understanding how it is going to respond in a real-world scenario. We will be on hand, always, to guide you in the process with our experience.
After the design process a prototype is made. This is called a production sample. When the prototype is finished it is used by manufacturers as a guide. A production sample is made out of the final fabrics, trims and notions (small objects or accessories), whereas a muslin sample is made out of cotton. The production sample will have final fabrics, trims, and notions approved, finished seams, correctly fitted garment tags, and various sample sizes for grading up or down.
As always, we'll be here to guide you in the process.