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Umsiko is a fashion manufacturing boutique which specialises in pattern making, samples and production. Established in 2015, the company works with an enviable list of top fashion labels in New Zealand.
Patterns 101
The making of industrial patterns begins with an existing block pattern that most closely resembles the designer's vision. Patterns are cut of oak tag (manila folder) paper, punched with a hole and stored by hanging with a special hook.
Patterns pt 2
The pattern is first checked for accuracy, then it is cut out of sample fabrics and the resulting garment is fit-tested. Once the pattern meets the designer's approval, a small production run of selling samples is made and the style is presented to buyers in wholesale markets.
If the style has demonstrated sales potential, the pattern is graded for sizes, usually by computer with an apparel industry specific CAD program.
Patterns pt 3
Following grading, the pattern must be vetted; the accuracy of each size and the direct comparison in laying seam lines is done. After these steps have been followed and any errors corrected, the pattern is approved for production. When the manufacturing company is ready to manufacture the style, all of the sizes of each given pattern piece are arranged into a marker, usually by computer.
Patterns pt 4
A marker is an arrangement of all of the pattern pieces over the area of the fabric to be cut that minimizes fabric waste while maintaining the desired grainlines. It's sort of like a pattern of patterns from which all pieces will be cut. The marker is then laid on top of the layers of fabric and cut. Commercial markers often include multiple sets of patterns for popular sizes. For example: one set of size Small, two sets of size Medium and one set of size Large. Once the style has been sold and delivered to stores – and if it proves to be quite popular – the pattern of this style will itself become a block, with subsequent generations of patterns developed from it.
From our headquarters in down town Wellington, we have amassed hundreds if not thousands of pattern samples. We are constantly refining our process and there's a good chance we've already created something you need, and if not our team of dedicated specialists will be onto that, pronto!
Because we're Pattern Making Ninjas!
We have over the years cultivated a close-relationship with various manufacturing bases in New Zealand.
LFC champions!
Congratulations to Liverpool FC. The absolute legends have done it! Of course, here at Umsiko we appreciate the splendid uniform Liverpool wear, and have no interest in how gorgeous the players are. you can read the full story here
Covid Update
You may ask yourself? How did I get here? Wondering what Umsiko has been up to during the recent Covid crisis? We're still open for business, maintaining exceptional contact tracing, and trucking on. We're still open for business - so give us a call. Keep safe everybody! Buy local - buy UMSIKO!
Time isn't holding us -- time isn't after us.
Time isn't holding us -- time isn't after us.
We work with some of New Zealand's top fashion labels, and also work with customers who would like custom one off garments manufactured. If you work with us, and would like your work presented here, please get in touch! We're kinda busy, but if you're missing, it's nothing personal!
We're working on it!!!
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All around the world, there are communities of athletes and adventurers that are keen to push themselves to the limit, even when the weather doesn’t agree.
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